There are a number of ways to learning more about masters ski racing, through web sites and email news supported by division and national programs, as well as an increasing number of participatory web groups where racers and friends actively share news, information, and tips. The links and contact information provided here will give you some starting points to reach your local or a national group and connect online with other masters racers and supporters.

National Masters Contacts

For general information about U.S. Ski & Snowboard alpine skiing competition, visit the web site. The Alpine Masters section contains information about masters racing in the US, along with links to competition license applications.

The National Masters Manager at U.S. Ski & Snowboard headquarters is Bill Skinner, who can be reached by phone (435-647-2633) or email ( to obtain more information about masters racing. As national masters coordinator, Bill represents us at U.S. Ski & Snowboard headquarters and is a focal point for masters racing around the nation. U.S. Ski & Snowboard is responsible for organizing inter-division competitions for eastern and western regional championships and the annual national championships.

For information on the Canadian masters program, visit They also support a mailing list that you can sign up for at to receive notices about events.

CountryWeb SiteWeb ConnectionsMailing Lists
USSA Alpine Masters US Alpine Masters on US Alpine Masters home page on USSA Masters on Facebook   USSA Masters on Twitter  
Canadian Masters Canada Masters on Facebook  

Division Contacts

Masters racing is organized by volunteer groups in each of the USSA divisions around the country. For more information about competing in your division, visit the division web site or contact an officer in the division organizing group. They'll be glad to help you with information and assistance when getting started - masters racing is open to all and welcomes new participants.

DivisionAreaWeb SiteWeb ConnectionsMailing Lists
Alaska AK    
Western Region
PNSA WA, OR PNSA Masters on Facebook  
Northern MT, WY      
Far West CA, NV, AZ Far West Masters on Facebook Far West Masters news signup & archives
Intermountain UT, ID Intermountain Masters on Facebook  
Rocky Mountain CO, NM Rocky Mountain Masters on Facebook  
Midwest Masters MN, MI, IL, OH Midwest Masters on Facebook  
Eastern Region
New England Masters New England Masters on Facebook New England Masters email group (Yahoo!)
New York Masters New York Masters on Facebook  
Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic Masters on Facebook  
SARA Racing Southern    
Canadian Masters
Ottawa Masters Ottowa    

Site Contact

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