2018 Phillips 66 Alpine Masters National Championships

Phillips 66

The 2018 Alpine Masters National Championships, sponsored in part by Phillips 66, were hosted byEastern Division at Okemo on Feb. 6-10, 2018. The nationals are a four-event championships with an alpine-combined along with the 3-event SG/GS/SL races for the combined age class champions scoring.

The Alpine Combined event results are included in the Divisions Cup scoring as well as the Spyder US national masters team awards. The overall national age class champions are scored on the triple-combined results of the SG, GS, and SL races, according to the national championship scoring rules.

The 2018 national championship DH will be hosted by Rocky Division at Ski Cooper on Mar. 8-11, 2018.

The downhill championship is a standalone national medal event and is not included in the Divisions Cup, triple-combined SG-GS-SL national class champions, or Spyder US National Masters Team awards scoring.

event results complete event results below

race photos Race Photos

Race photos were taken on Friday and Saturday by Bonnie Fricchione of YellowJeepPhotos. You can find the photo galleries of the A/B SL races and C/D GS and the Saturday A/B GS on her YellowJeep web site at http://www.yellowjeepphotos.com/WINTERSPORTS.

Entries and Qualification

You must have a current U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Master membership to compete in regional and national championship events. (no short-term memberships) Competitor field size for the national championships is limited to 300 entries.

If you are interested in competing and have any questions, contact the race secretary at nationals@ussamasters.org.

News and Event Schedule

The detailed event schedule along with travel and lodging information is available from U.S. Ski & Snowboard and the host New England Masters:

The 2018 national championship DH will be hosted by Rocky Division at Ski Cooper on Mar. 8-11, 2018.

Event Results

Note: in order to manage the large field of competitors and provide good conditions for all at this championship event, competitors are split into several groups by age and gender. The groupings are A (men 21-54, classes 1-5), B (men 55-64, classes 6-8), C (all women), and D (men 65+, classes 9-14). The SG and the GS events are run on two courses to separate the younger A/B classes from the C/D groups of older men and all ladies, while in the SL each group competes on their own course.

Race Results By Class By Group By Gender Overall
AC results by age class A/B, results by age class C/D results by group A/B, results by group C/D results by gender C/D overall race results A/B, overall race results C/D
Class Combined (SG-GS-SL)
SG results by age class  results by group  results by gender  overall race results 
GS results by age class A/B, results by age class C/D results by group A/B, results by group C/D results by gender C/D overall race results A/B, overall race results C/D
SL results by age class A, results by age class B, results by age class C, results by age class D     overall race results A, overall race results B, overall race results C, overall race results D
Class Combined Standings  (Final) group A class combined standings Agroup B class combined standings Bgroup C class combined standings Cgroup D class combined standings D
group A class combined standings (pdf) Agroup B class combined standings (pdf) Bgroup C class combined standings (pdf) Cgroup D class combined standings (pdf) D

NOTE: Corrected results posted Sun 2/18 -  Several corrections to the original posted results have been published - the corrections had no effect on event or class combined medals or Divisions Cup results. The original AC data incorrectly had SG run times rounded to hundredths; all AC results have been reposted with the correct SG times. One correction was made to the C/D results - Scott Pyles (M10, CN) contacted us to report that he should have been recorded DSQ1 in the C/D GS; the correction moved Greg Gill and Anthony Bouscaren up one place to 6th and 7th positions, respectively. [Thank you Scott for your sportmanship and consideration for correct reporting of your competitors results!]

The age class combined champions are awarded according to total race points in the triple-combined disciplines SG-GS-SL contested at the national championships. SC is also included in Divisions Cup and National Masters team (aka "Spyder team") scoring.

Division's Cup

The Division's Cup is awarded to the division with the best ratio of points scored per competitor start for all races in the national championships. Division teams must consist of at least 10 competitors to be eligible.

The 2018 Divisions Cup was a duel between the Intermountain and Eastern division teams, the last two winners of the Divisions Cup, and the travelling squad from Intermountain division took the trophy home despite a strong showing by the home team from Eastern.

Competitors Summary

Division Position # Competitors # Starts Points Division Cup Score
Alaska (n/e) 1 4 0 0.00
Central (n/e) 5 15 11 0.733
Eastern 2 146 356 602 1.691
Far West (n/e) 4 15 51 3.4
Intermountain 1 11 35 77 2.2
Northern (n/e) 4 11 27 2.454
Rocky Mountain (n/e) 5 16 56 3.5
Canada (n/e) 12 38 57 1.5
Total 188 competitors (152 men, 36 women)
Divisions Cup Divisions Cup standings 2018 Divisions Cup complete standings

Spyder US National Masters Team

The Spyder US National Masters Team is named at the conclusion of the National Championships, based on world cup points scoring (best finish record points total) from all 4 events at the national championships.

Additional Scoring Reports (Just for Fun!)

The standings reports in this section provide additional scoring rankings that allow competitors to compare their performances by time and points across different groupings of competitors, in addition to the official event rankings by time within age class.

Coming soon!! additional scoring reports with alternate rankings and scoring formulas will be posted soon!